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Dakhla Sahara Desert MoroccoDakhla is the capital of the Oued Ed-Dahab-Lagouira region in south Morocco and is the last Moroccan city before the Mauritanian border, 350km away.

Dakhla surrounding landscapes, where the desert meets the ocean, are one of the most beautiful in Morocco.

Dakhla is located in the end of a 40km peninsula, 540km south of Laayoune and is nowadays one of the best places in the world to kitesurf, due to its protected windy bays. Approximately 3000 surfers visit this peninsula everywhere.

Dakhla history throughout time is quite controversial. Called Villa Cisneros and being included in the Spanish colonies in 1502, it was only “re-colonized” around 1880 by the Spanish Captain Emilio Bonelli Hernando. In the 1970’s, when Spain left all his colonies, Dakhla was aggregated to the Mauritanian territory but quickly forgotten and neglected, until, Morocco took care of it and included it in its territory, aggregating Western Sahara to the rest of the Moroccan territory.

Dakhla has not much of monuments nor palaces, but, its amazing surrounding landscapes and the easy-going ambience makes the perfect place to enjoy life, the sea, and some local attractions like the old Spanish light house, the fishing Port, the small ancient town with white houses and blue boats facing the sea, the Spanish church, the central local market, and all the gorgeous Atlantic coast, 40 kms along the peninsula.

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