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Mhamid Sahara Desert MoroccoMhamid is a city located in south-east Morocco. Mhamid main income comes from the tourism industry due to the proximity of Merzouga village aside Erg Chebbi Dunes.

Mhamid has a quite recent past. Although many ancient fortified villages exist in the region for several centuries already, Mhamid was built up by the French troops after the difficult victory of Tafilalet Battle, that took place between 1916 and 1932.

Mhamid is a very active city, full of commerce, restaurants and street cafés, hotels, banks and ATM’s, handicraft and souvenir shops, making it undoubtedly the region tourism capital.

Mhamid yet modern, still preserves a certain authenticity of an true Arab town with an impressively “wild” market and gorgeous surrounding landscapes filled of oases, dunes and rocky mountains.

Mhamid is a cinema hub for many movie directors. Some well known films had several scenes shot in Mhamid, some include names as Prince of Persia 2010 by Director Dick Richards; March or Die 1977 by Director Dick Richards; The Mummy 1999 by Director Stephen Sommers.

Some Mhamid attractions worth a visit are: the Royal Palace gate; Saturday market; panoramic view from the top of the Borj-Est that rises 935 metres (3067 feet) above the city; Fossile sites in Carriere des Fossiles; Maadid Ksar.

Distances to Mhamid » Road distances in Morocco

Mhamid Sahara Desert Morocco

  • Rissani to Mhamid: 19km
  • Merzouga to Mhamid: 55km
  • Errachidia to Mhamid: 80km
  • Ouarzazate to Mhamid: 315km
  • Azrou to Mhamid: 360km
  • Meknes to Mhamid: 420km
  • Fez to Mhamid: 440km
  • Marrakech to Mhamid: 510km
  • Tangier to Mhamid: 665km
  • Essaouira to Mhamid: 685km
  • Agadir to Mhamid: 715km
  • Casablanca to Mhamid: 750km
  • Rabat to Mhamid: 820km
  • Dakhla to Mhamid: 1945km
  • Laayoune to Mhamid: 1405km

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